Have you ever ask your self whats the best time for fishing? Here you will find some great ideas about fishing.

Rule Number One Fishing will be Slower when is too hot or too cold . If you understand this bit of biology, then you will decide what kinds of Loures and Baits to use, and how fast or Slow you have to Work them. Work your tackle slower in colder water and faster in warm water.



Fish prefer early morning and evening sun to the bright sun of midday. Morning sun warms the shallows, creating more comfortable water temperatures for fish to feed. Late morning is best when the sun has had more of a chance to warm the shallows. This is particularly true during early spring in shallows with dark or mud bottoms because dark areas absorb heat more rapidly than light sandy bottoms.

Warm water temperatures make bait fish more active and available to game fish on cool early-spring days. On hot sunny days, fish move to cooler, deeper waters to stay comfortable. High-heat conditions make shallow and top water lures and fishing bait best only in the early morning and late afternoon when cooler temperatures and lower light levels allow fish to cruise the shallows for meals.

In midday, hot water surface temperature, decreased surface oxygen and occasional increasing winds cause fish to move deeper. In these conditions, deep fishing baits, rigs and lures are best. Already, you can see how a combination of time of day, light and weather can affect your fishing.

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