Blue Marlin Fishing Season in Cancun

The Blue marlin is found primarily in the temperate and tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean. Based on commercial fishing observations, the Blue marlin occurs from about 44° N to 30°S. Occurring offshore in Blue oceanic waters, the Blue marlin prefers to stay in the warm waters near the surface, above the thermocline. They follow the seasonal water temperature changes, being closely tied to these warm waters. They are found in ocean waters great distances from the continents as well as coastal regions near deep waters, such as near the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico.

The weather around Cancun the Mexican Caribbean  is pretty consistent – beautiful and warm. Tropical weather keeps our lush green flora from the region, and during the summer and fall months the winds and water can be pretty calm. And with all of the fancy new advanced weather, we know well in advance of tropical disturbances, and only fish when it is safe to go out.

Best Blue Marlin Season in Cancun is from May – August, with each month growing progressively more active.  But the size of the fish is normally bigger in the earlier months, so it just depends on what you want to catch.

The big blues are attracted to the full moons and you have a prime bite window around the moon, and overall we usually see the bigger fish early May/June  then in July/August the majority are a little bit smaller (this is when big tournaments occur), but September in the past few years has broken some statistics reports and by far is even better, and October normally sees the most bites in any given day.