Mahi Mahi Fishing Season Cancun


Mahi Mahi Fishing Season Cancun

Mahi Mahi Fishing Season Cancun. Mahimahi live near the surface in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Young mahimahi swim together in schools, but older fish are usually found alone. Larger males prefer open ocean habitat while females and smaller males are commonly found near natural and artificial floating objects, including a floating brown algae called Sargassum (in the Atlantic and the Caribbean).

Mahimahi are brightly colorer– the back is an electric greenish blue, the lower body is gold or sparkling silver, and the sides have a mixture of dark and light spots. Their bright pattern fades almost immediately after they’re harvested. Adult males have a square head shape but females have a more rounded head. Mahimahi can be distinguished from the pompano dolphin by its 55 to 66 dorsal fin rays and a very wide, square tooth patch on the tongue.

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Mahi Mahi Fishing Season Cancun

  • COMMON NAME: Mahi Mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coryphaena Hippurus
  • TYPE: Fish
  • DIET: Carnivores
  • GROUP NAME: School
  • SIZE: 3.2 to 7 ft
  • WEIGHT: 15 to 40 lbs

Mahi-mahi fish are mostly found in the surface water. Their flesh is soft and oily, similar to sardines. The body is slightly slender and long, making them fast swimmers; they can swim as fast as 50 knots (92.6 km/h, 57.5 mph).

They spawn in warm ocean currents throughout much of the year, and their young are commonly found in rafts of Sargassum weeds. Mahi-mahi are carnivorous, feeding on flying fish, crabs, squid, mackerel, and other forage fish.

Mahi Mahi Fishing Season Cancun

In tropical waters at 28°C/83°F, mahi-mahi larvae are found year-round, with greater numbers detected in Spring and Fall.

Mahi-mahi are highly sought for sport fishing and commercial purposes. Sport fishermen seek them due to their beauty, size, food quality, and healthy population. During the Mahi Mahi Fishing Season Cancun Mahi-mahi can be found in the Caribbean Sea, and most oceans around the world.

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