White Marlin Fishing Season in Cancun

The white marlin’s preferred habitat is deep blue water over 100 m (330 ft). The species usually migrates to high latitudes in the warm season. They reproduce while in the subtropics; spawning occurs in early summer in deep, oceanic waters. Prey items include a variety of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods.

Its Colourful body dark blue to chocolate brown, shading to silvery white underbelly; noticeable spots on dorsal fin; upper jaw elongated in shape of spear; body covered with embedded scales with a single sharp point; tips of first dorsal, pectoral, and first anal fins rounded; lateral line curved above pectoral fin, then going in straight line to base of tail. Cancun and– Isla Mujeres, Mexico, are  located in the Yucatan Peninsula  is where you’ll find sailfish in abundance and in the shallow waters around Isla Blanca (30mts north of Cancun) Deep Sea Fishing in Cancun offers you  Fishing Charters as well as four and six hour Daily Share Fishing Trips, With flats and rivers not far from Cancun hotels you don’t need to leave your family alone all day – opt for an early morning lagoon fly-fishing tour starting at 6am/7am and you’ll be back before midday.


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