Blue Marlin


  • COMMON NAME: Blue Marlin
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Makaira nigricans
  • TYPE: Fish
  • DIET: Carnivores
  • GROUP NAME: School
  • AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 27 years (females); 18 years (males)
  • SIZE: Up to 14 ft
  • WEIGHT: Up to 1,985 lbs

Primarily found in the temperate waters of the tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean, the Blue marlin prefers to stay in the warm waters near the surface, above the thermocline, making it one of the most popular catch even among expert fishermen.

They can be found in open waters far from the coastline and in deep water regions such as the Missisipi River’s mouth connecting with the gulf of Mexico, and a couple of miles from the beautiful Cancun.

Blue Marlin Season In Cancun

Summer is the best season for the Marlins, from May to August you can find them at their most active, but can still be found all through October.

We in DeepSeaFishingInCancun® recommend the earlier months due to the migration of the larger catches, and to ensure the best weather conditions possible.

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